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Dragon shadows by William Stablein | Phd | Published Author | Poet

Dragon shadows

A petrified tree in this heat of life . I feel
wilderness little known swirling around a central eye
wanting to know the shawdow dragons that moving against the tide
rippling over stones from bygone kalpas

zigzagging through the salty spray the shadows play
not looking for battle they neither thrust nor sneak
flowing with the current of space and wind
teasing life to enter the deep urged by surfs of a distant age

warped image in the wake of the crazii black ones
warrior Beach dogs slink between the Palms
my shawdow gait on point allowing direction
across the desert homes of hidden crabs

rain drops size of boulders whip on stone
succumbing to gravity . finding black pits in the crunch of time
dragons pass through the stone-like evolutionary space
nature holding its breath while dragons coil– sky blaze

kaboom . dragon burning its own shadow . small fish dart to the heavens
the atmosphere explodes with the beauty of new butterflies
long tail gecko turns somersaults from boulder to tropic green
minor birds return curiously between reservoirs of lingering visions

-William Stablein
(Ao thong nai pan noi Phangan Thailand) 06/2007

Sun Drop

day light flicked from foam of sea
icons hued under a falling sun . Drop
buddha candles dripped into the sands at twilight
shadow dragons merged between sacred orchids (lilavadee)

perfumes gathered in the globules of space
Drop Drop . a blessed abstract configures the tide pool
i rest with mongrel dogs between a palm and squid vendor
roasting inkies . cooled by salt crystals of Siam spray . i am touched

rolling surf captures the ears of lovers
whispers are fanned by beach umbrella flaps
blink . a half moon bay comes fluorescently alive
stars recede a bit while city lights and shadows vie

couples silhouette over a tinged bluish red sand .
swimmers on black tire tubes lull under gaze and glare
beach ball momentarily suspends like a world instantly stopped
moon lost seemingly in a glaze of iridescent lamps . hearing songs of crickets

put put di put a . . squid boat propeller ripples with moonlight
tubes wobble wth the surf , swimmers hide from the bright street of dreams
Oh Well . I wonder if a telescope on Mars might see a passing jogger’s prints
light house yonder made for the squid hunters . cargo boats . Junks from distant ports

a squid boat captain centers in the half moon bay . . Blink
blink in the night . a rippling net of green casts around the hull
like lusty men melting in the flash of night inkies jettison to the green web
blink di blink . lights from the east west and walking streets. . the allure spreads

glow green light shine the matrix trap under hull
light the little inkies up in their final surging urge for life
a final embrace little morsels are you prepared for your next limbo . .
now Satisfy the world embracing its own neon green light destiny

squidies churn . testy farangs burst your globes in the neon bubble
thai girls chewing inkies feeling the sap dancing in an electric haze
munching dreaming changing sands , tiny flies feed on lovers bruised feet
comes to mind an old refrain. . “I Love To Spoon By The Light Of The Moon”

– William Stablein

eat noodles

imploding masses
sharing the move
for that last extra

comfort every motion
falling into an abyss
occasionally enjoying
a disturbance

hungry hungry
want it to go away
Time on hand
Eat noodles

-William Stablein

at the Banglampuu pier Bangkok 2004