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where | good time | william stablein

by William Stablein
(Miller knox Regional Shoreline Park near Richmond California 1999)

life left to die
die for life
Immortal . Here

magic quilt
for a swaddling
omens . immpermant

worlds . above . below Sing
spirits ring in babies ears
molecular . architectonic

skulls remain
dogs dig deep
Immpermant , Over There

time for some things . . AH

(reflecting near Miller knox Regional Shoreline Park near Richmond California 1997)

running for ball . good time
rolling away
slipped face down . good Time

learning culture . good Time
Columbia . 42nd street library
Overwhelmed by the ancients . good Time

Dancing with Onn . good Time
feel of closeness
soft cotton . good Time

jumping for life . good Time
dribble . confuse
faded away Swish . good Time

dreaming dog friend . good Time
reminds me of a Tibetan protector
Lady . wolf lusted for hen next door . good Time

Targeting the sight . good Time
white out . ugh
I was the sight . good Time

ancient syllables . good Time
emerging leafs of palms
orders of things arised . good Time

calm heart . good Time
sinking into nondiscursive space
afterglow . good Time

hormones with love . good Time
tooth pick and dime for barter
AH . . AH . . good Time

thinking Space
born again
now . . AH . . AH and . . AH

AH . . AH and AH