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The Poetry of William Stablein

The Poetry of William Stablein

way of thinking

(a friend asked me how I think while driving around near Hilo Hawaii 2004)

if thinking right . on some right
thinking straight . to some straight
around thought . any dimension
deep thought . at least as deep as the sea
creative thought . Zen action thought
building thought . connecting imaginary dots
birthing images . not having anything or nothing

then not thinking . in the hustle bustle
about any series . that eats self or blows up
moving ratiocinations . tending to fade away
melody and image . more sticky
ineffable entities . missed by cyclotrons
regrouping in deep space and silence . must give it name
weaving disappearing contexts . no name

threading no thinking . makes deities and ghosts
pausing lingering stopping breath . fills empties cavities
thoughts feelings wiggling connections . starve for craving
images escape . empowering cycles of life
like snowflakes . melt with the touch
the clock ticks . mice run the tick dock tickety dock
murmurings capture space . threads appear

to be continued of course.


(waiting for love in phitsanulok. 2001 ? . ?.2003)

Still . the mountain
round the walk
calming the hair

mothers love . still
demanding love
mothers wrath
leaking affect

Still . eyes
hanging in all directions
no choice . under gaze
following the followed

Still . dog
fabricating nothing
smells blood . chi
basking in the sand

Lady . Still
playing cards
her dream

Still . blue sky
climbing heavens stairway
rumbling earth .
suspended . Still very Still

The Poetry of William Stablein