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Poems by Benny Youngblood

Poems by Benny Youngblood


come to me
stride the oceanside
come be free
rejoice in thee
over hills
and valley creeks
touch and feel
springs a leak
eastward bound
desert storm
lizard ground
sand and stone
not a sound
on love
-ben youngblood 1992

Water Dance

Dance with me darling
With angels from heaven
Step with me into paradise
And gaze upon the skies
And ocean of deep blue
Running through the sand
Down to the beach side
To the clean, clear water
Holding onto each other
Tightly, so to never stray
From each others side
Dancing and splashing
In ocean waters
-Ben Youngblood 1998

Mi Amor

Clouds over my head
You make it sunshine
over my lonely bed
Like a glass of red fine wine
that warms my lips and tongue
I cherish you, my darling
like a favorite love song
I will place the eternal ring
when we meet again
It has been so long
since I have gazed
upon your face
I long for the day
to be dazed
of you
-Ben Youngblood

My love

My love
eyes of black pearls
the spirit of an angel
your the sweetest girl
that I want to feel
your smiles of peace
put me to to ease

My love
let me in
love again
until the end
say it is so
let us go down
the winding road
and grow

my dear
my heart is near
-Ben Youngblood

Love Poems by Ben ‘Benny’ Youngblood