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Poems by William Stablein

Promised Landwhere is the Promised land..that I have seen.and felt the lushnesswith its warm breezei start to dancethe palm tinglesi try to sing-can only hear..a song shaping linkon this bridge and strip of landan other shore . not the other shoreRock aging . immovable.a crust of earth and seed– The Promised Landwhere does the bow pointin the mist of dreamswimming in a vortexsoles rubbed by soft creatures from the deepbobbing on the cap of wave..carrying the world withinthere is the rainbow illuminating the cresti hear the melody . shaping a Promised landhere . some information in this Promised landbeyond the holy mountains– this landthere is a Hollywood of despairA Promised Land in the rippling blue I drift in unpredictable swirlesfollowing those long tails pointing beyondthey are turning on the sea’s surfacepointing to a syllable, a word– a note.William Stablein Welcome No duality (Pattaya Thailand 2002 out my window ? . ?. 2545))I raise my glassunder massing cloudsto rivers in the skyto the boisterous frogs cloud breaks . Joystructures mountains . washed awayspace flowing in unity . landscape movingduality lost in running waters . sabai sabai One Tastehow sweet the Lincheetart . the afterglownut red bloodhow bitter the seed how warm your arms temperature risingexploding visionsgasping for breath lovely the chimeshypnotic the chantofferings . . SVAHA SVAHAa gush of fresh fluidsWilliam Stablein ( Pattaya Thailand 2002 ? . ?. 2545) Floodits raining . . downpourlets brave the outdoors crossing tiny streams puddles changing to rivers seas and Floodsstepping over multitudes . . invisibles escape from my soles I see them as the waters riseas i pick the flesh . scoop the cheekscomfort at a breezy table for one Sabaai Sabaai (Relaxed Happy Content)a sky flashes around a dark moon . . Water meeting Skyeach bursting drop shattering bridges flipping rooftopsSabaai Sabaai Happy in the warm breeze Oh my . . fish bone stuck in mouthouch . . gum swelling quicklyfishies racing with the tideOuch . . Ouch di . . OuchRaging Waters news flash appears on tvcarrying away homes indeed parts of soulsbuilding parts, broken roots and bits of dreamsCresting into the nightlife(Pattaya Thailand 2003 outdoor Chinese restaurant ? . ?. 2546)) William Stablein After Cloudburst raging waters stored within . .within puddles, ponds and riversred ants float away on palm leavestide pools merging with unique Karmas waters now turned calmdry spots appear with the rising sun world . a flittering vortex of brittle crystal sand to sand beneath the tide of timebriefly i stand . as the sacred serpents my front passes shadows from East Asiato the left I hear modern Thai love songfrom a sacred dome a melodious but ominous praise waves purr over crystal sandI hear the refrain . . I Love You Babythe smell of burning little green chilies fill my nostrilssand castles swept into the sea of SiamWilliam Stablein (Pattaya beach in front of Starbucks 2002 ? . ?. 2545)