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Poems by William Stablein

Promised Landwhere is the Promised land..that I have seen.and felt the lushnesswith its warm breezei start to dancethe palm tinglesi try to sing-can only hear..a song shaping linkon this bridge and strip of landan other shore . not the other shoreRock aging . immovable.a crust of earth and seed– The Promised Landwhere does the bow pointin the mist of dreamswimming in a vortexsoles rubbed by soft creatures from the deepbobbing on the cap of wave..carrying the world withinthere is the rainbow illuminating the cresti hear the melody . shaping a Promised landhere . some information in this Promised landbeyond the holy mountains– this landthere is a Hollywood of despairA Promised Land in the rippling blue I drift in unpredictable swirlesfollowing those long tails pointing beyondthey are turning on the sea’s surfacepointing to a syllable, a word– a note.William Stablein Welcome No duality (Pattaya Thailand 2002 out my window ? . ?. 2545))I raise my glassunder massing cloudsto rivers in the skyto the boisterous frogs cloud breaks . Joystructures mountains . washed awayspace flowing in unity . landscape movingduality lost in running waters . sabai sabai One Tastehow sweet the Lincheetart . the afterglownut red bloodhow bitter the seed how warm your arms temperature risingexploding visionsgasping for breath lovely the chimeshypnotic the chantofferings . . SVAHA SVAHAa gush of fresh fluidsWilliam Stablein ( Pattaya Thailand 2002 ? . ?. 2545) Floodits raining . . downpourlets brave the outdoors crossing tiny streams puddles changing to rivers seas and Floodsstepping over multitudes . . invisibles escape from my soles I see them as the waters riseas i pick the flesh . scoop the cheekscomfort at a breezy table for one Sabaai Sabaai (Relaxed Happy Content)a sky flashes around a dark moon . . Water meeting Skyeach bursting drop shattering bridges flipping rooftopsSabaai Sabaai Happy in the warm breeze Oh my . . fish bone stuck in mouthouch . . gum swelling quicklyfishies racing with the tideOuch . . Ouch di . . OuchRaging Waters news flash appears on tvcarrying away homes indeed parts of soulsbuilding parts, broken roots and bits of dreamsCresting into the nightlife(Pattaya Thailand 2003 outdoor Chinese restaurant ? . ?. 2546)) William Stablein After Cloudburst raging waters stored within . .within puddles, ponds and riversred ants float away on palm leavestide pools merging with unique Karmas waters now turned calmdry spots appear with the rising sun world . a flittering vortex of brittle crystal sand to sand beneath the tide of timebriefly i stand . as the sacred serpents my front passes shadows from East Asiato the left I hear modern Thai love songfrom a sacred dome a melodious but ominous praise waves purr over crystal sandI hear the refrain . . I Love You Babythe smell of burning little green chilies fill my nostrilssand castles swept into the sea of SiamWilliam Stablein (Pattaya beach in front of Starbucks 2002 ? . ?. 2545)


Sun Drop by William Stablein

William Stablein Phd | Published Author | Poet

Sun Drop

day light flicked from foam of sea
icons hued under a falling sun . Drop
buddha candles dripped into the sands at twilight
shadow dragons merged between sacred orchids (lilavadee)

perfumes gathered in the globules of space
Drop Drop . a blessed abstract configures the tide pool
i rest with mongrel dogs between a palm and squid vendor
roasting inkies . cooled by salt crystals of Siam spray . i am touched

rolling surf captures the ears of lovers
whispers are fanned by beach umbrella flaps
blink . a half moon bay comes fluorescently alive
stars recede a bit while city lights and shadows vie

couples silhouette over a tinged bluish red sand .
swimmers on black tire tubes lull under gaze and glare
beach ball momentarily suspends like a world instantly stopped
moon lost seemingly in a glaze of iridescent lamps . hearing songs of crickets

put put di put a . . squid boat propeller ripples with moonlight
tubes wobble wth the surf , swimmers hide from the bright street of dreams
Oh Well . I wonder if a telescope on Mars might see a passing jogger’s prints
light house yonder made for the squid hunters . cargo boats . Junks from distant ports

a squid boat captain centers in the half moon bay . . Blink
blink in the night . a rippling net of green casts around the hull
like lusty men melting in the flash of night inkies jettison to the green web
blink di blink . lights from the east west and walking streets. . the allure spreads

glow green light shine the matrix trap under hull
light the little inkies up in their final surging urge for life
a final embrace little morsels are you prepared for your next limbo . .
now Satisfy the world embracing its own neon green light destiny

squidies churn . testy farangs burst your globes in the neon bubble
thai girls chewing inkies feeling the sap dancing in an electric haze
munching dreaming changing sands , tiny flies feed on lovers bruised feet
comes to mind an old refrain. . “I Love To Spoon By The Light Of The Moon”

– William Stablein

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seascape | benny youngblood

Endless sea
Endless waves
Against the sky
Hills collide
Seaward sand
Beaches border
Beauty land
Safe harbor
Man merges
Let it be
Let nature surge
Man against man
Man against nature
Find and seek
Sea cliff
Climb to a peak
Build a bridge
Man’s a leak
Strip the land
Concrete and sand
Man’s foreign hand
Rapes it again

Benny Youngblood 1993