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for Zoe Youngblood

Zoe today i picked up a shell shell . brilliant perfect . an infant shell i thought to put it my pocket put it in a small pool among some rocks instead little fishes came to take a look under mermaids (??????????) gaze. it seemed to come alive fishes darted to one side a smiling […]

where | good time | william stablein

Where by William Stablein (Miller knox Regional Shoreline Park near Richmond California 1999) life left to die die for life Immortal . Here magic quilt for a swaddling omens . immpermant worlds . above . below Sing spirits ring in babies ears molecular . architectonic skulls remain dogs dig deep Immpermant , Over There time […]

The Poetry of William Stablein

The Poetry of William Stablein way of thinking (a friend asked me how I think while driving around near Hilo Hawaii 2004) if thinking right . on some right thinking straight . to some straight around thought . any dimension deep thought . at least as deep as the sea creative thought . Zen action […]

Poems by William Stablein

Promised Landwhere is the Promised land..that I have seen.and felt the lushnesswith its warm breezei start to dancethe palm tinglesi try to sing-can only hear..a song shaping linkon this bridge and strip of landan other shore . not the other shoreRock aging . immovable.a crust of earth and seed– The Promised Landwhere does the bow […]


Sun Drop by William Stablein

William Stablein Phd | Published Author | Poet Sun Drop day light flicked from foam of sea icons hued under a falling sun . Drop buddha candles dripped into the sands at twilight shadow dragons merged between sacred orchids (lilavadee) perfumes gathered in the globules of space Drop Drop . a blessed abstract configures the […]

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