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poetry The word ‘poetry’ came from the Greek poiesis, a “making” or “creating” is a form of art in which the written language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its ostensible meaning… Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with […]

for Zoe Youngblood

Zoe today i picked up a shell shell . brilliant perfect . an infant shell i thought to put it my pocket put it in a small pool among some rocks instead little fishes came to take a look under mermaids (??????????) gaze. it seemed to come alive fishes darted to one side a smiling […]

cherokee | Pallai Károly

cherokee ever-quivering membrane in velvet rain covers the embrace of wholeness hidden lightdrops coming to life as silent retreat to the essence of shades of skies as we live the souls confining touches of lips into ivy – inside -Pallai Károly

Poems by Benny Youngblood

Poems by Benny Youngblood 1995-2000 Refugee Refugee come to me stride the oceanside come be free rejoice in thee over hills and valley creeks touch and feel springs a leak eastward bound desert storm lizard ground sand and stone not a sound on love lands… -ben youngblood 1992 Water Dance Dance with me darling With […]


where | good time | william stablein

Where by William Stablein (Miller knox Regional Shoreline Park near Richmond California 1999) life left to die die for life Immortal . Here magic quilt for a swaddling omens . immpermant worlds . above . below Sing spirits ring in babies ears molecular . architectonic skulls remain dogs dig deep Immpermant , Over There time […]

The Poetry of William Stablein

The Poetry of William Stablein way of thinking (a friend asked me how I think while driving around near Hilo Hawaii 2004) if thinking right . on some right thinking straight . to some straight around thought . any dimension deep thought . at least as deep as the sea creative thought . Zen action […]

Love Poems of Passion by Rumi, Persian Poet

Love Poems of Passion by Rumi Persian Poet LOVE IS THE MASTER Love is the One who masters all things; I am mastered totally by Love. By my passion of love for Love I have ground sweet as sugar. O furious Wind, I am only a straw before you; How could I know where I […]

Native American Prose

Native American Prose When your heart issues that call to pilgrimage and you answer and go to a place with great natural energy and power, you receive cellular level stimulation, awakening. Entering with a child-like sense of awe, heart wide open, in reverence and prayer opens the door. This is really a pilgrimage to your […]

A sense of oracle | william stablein

A sense of oracle gold-blue Lights wakes a world at sleep the Waters ripple a dream the weight of the Earth shifts palm branches sway each grain of sand brilliant like a diamond small birds print in diamond space . hop hop di hop . there are three leading Spirits (anchored floating long tails) pointing […]