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The word ‘POETRY’ came from the Greek poiesis, a “making” or “creating” is a form of art in which the written language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its ostensible meaning…
Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns or lyrics.

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for Zoe Youngblood


today i picked up a shell
shell . brilliant perfect . an infant shell
i thought to put it my pocket
put it in a small pool among some rocks instead

little fishes came to take a look
under mermaids (??????????) gaze. it seemed to come alive
fishes darted to one side
a smiling face peeked out at me

(Aao Phai Koh Samet Thailand 2007 ???? 5 ??????? ???????? ??????????)

-william stablein

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cherokee | Pallai Károly


ever-quivering membrane
in velvet rain
covers the embrace of wholeness

hidden lightdrops coming to life
as silent retreat to the essence of
shades of skies

as we live the souls
confining touches of lips
into ivy – inside

-Pallai Károly

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where | good time | william stablein

by William Stablein
(Miller knox Regional Shoreline Park near Richmond California 1999)

life left to die
die for life
Immortal . Here

magic quilt
for a swaddling
omens . immpermant

worlds . above . below Sing
spirits ring in babies ears
molecular . architectonic

skulls remain
dogs dig deep
Immpermant , Over There

time for some things . . AH

(reflecting near Miller knox Regional Shoreline Park near Richmond California 1997)

running for ball . good time
rolling away
slipped face down . good Time

learning culture . good Time
Columbia . 42nd street library
Overwhelmed by the ancients . good Time

Dancing with Onn . good Time
feel of closeness
soft cotton . good Time

jumping for life . good Time
dribble . confuse
faded away Swish . good Time

dreaming dog friend . good Time
reminds me of a Tibetan protector
Lady . wolf lusted for hen next door . good Time

Targeting the sight . good Time
white out . ugh
I was the sight . good Time

ancient syllables . good Time
emerging leafs of palms
orders of things arised . good Time

calm heart . good Time
sinking into nondiscursive space
afterglow . good Time

hormones with love . good Time
tooth pick and dime for barter
AH . . AH . . good Time

thinking Space
born again
now . . AH . . AH and . . AH

AH . . AH and AH

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The Poetry of William Stablein

The Poetry of William Stablein

way of thinking

(a friend asked me how I think while driving around near Hilo Hawaii 2004)

if thinking right . on some right
thinking straight . to some straight
around thought . any dimension
deep thought . at least as deep as the sea
creative thought . Zen action thought
building thought . connecting imaginary dots
birthing images . not having anything or nothing

then not thinking . in the hustle bustle
about any series . that eats self or blows up
moving ratiocinations . tending to fade away
melody and image . more sticky
ineffable entities . missed by cyclotrons
regrouping in deep space and silence . must give it name
weaving disappearing contexts . no name

threading no thinking . makes deities and ghosts
pausing lingering stopping breath . fills empties cavities
thoughts feelings wiggling connections . starve for craving
images escape . empowering cycles of life
like snowflakes . melt with the touch
the clock ticks . mice run the tick dock tickety dock
murmurings capture space . threads appear

to be continued of course.


(waiting for love in phitsanulok. 2001 ? . ?.2003)

Still . the mountain
round the walk
calming the hair

mothers love . still
demanding love
mothers wrath
leaking affect

Still . eyes
hanging in all directions
no choice . under gaze
following the followed

Still . dog
fabricating nothing
smells blood . chi
basking in the sand

Lady . Still
playing cards
her dream

Still . blue sky
climbing heavens stairway
rumbling earth .
suspended . Still very Still

The Poetry of William Stablein

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seascape | benny youngblood

Endless sea
Endless waves
Against the sky
Hills collide
Seaward sand
Beaches border
Beauty land
Safe harbor
Man merges
Let it be
Let nature surge
Man against man
Man against nature
Find and seek
Sea cliff
Climb to a peak
Build a bridge
Man’s a leak
Strip the land
Concrete and sand
Man’s foreign hand
Rapes it again

Benny Youngblood 1993